Company Profile

about us

Tathastu Home Service Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2006.

It was a very humble beginning made by its Managing Director Mr.Pravin M. Babar who initially catered to the basic needs of providing chauffeurs to various clients at nomianl rates.

During the years between 2006 and 2013, the organisation have grown to an extend of providing services to more than 1000 clients in western suburbs of Mumbai City.

Besides this, the organisation have also provided and are providing services like Air-Condition work, Electrical & Plumbing Service and have also catered in providing domestic helps to various spectrum of clients.

It should be noted the success in providing the above mentioned services could only happen through hard work and good public relations by the team.

Of late the organisation have also initiated itself into cleaning of water tanks in residential and commercial properties.

Organisational Goals


The primary and fundamental goal of this organisation is to provide services, which are mentioned on Following page at nominal cost and above all keeping in mind security and safety of your precious property.

In todays dynamically changing world, it becomes a matter of prime importance that the person and or person's involved in the project are of good character, coming from stable families are well trained in their respective trades and always keep safety first. All of this is observed , recorded and decided upon by the Management personally on individual basic.

Completion of projects on timely basis and total satisfaction shall be the driving force behind the success of this organisation.

Your business inquiry shall be treated with respect and dignity.

  • All the employees of the organisation are insured under workmens compensation Act-1923.
  • Necessary documents shall be provided on request.